Grandstream HT 503 with Asterisk

I have Grandstream HT 503 , and i try to use as a gateway for asterisk .
I could to receive a call from PSTN–> HT 503 --> Asterisk , but i couldn’t to send a call Asterisk -->HT 503 -->PSTN .
I tried many times but :frowning:
And this is debug of sip operations in asterisk :
And this is sip.conf , where i define fxo port of HT 503 :
And this is Grandstream HT 503 configurations :
And this is Grandstream HT 503 logs when i send a call from asterisk :

Hi khaledatteya

I think you should first upgrade the HT-503 to the firmware official versio, then I see that you have HT-503 not registered SIP but on configurations of the asterix this as type=friend

should be “type=peer” on the asterix and clear the pass y user ID.

Review this manual “GXW410x with Ssterix”, the only difference is that is port 5062, which is the FXO port on the HT503 … terisk.pdf

then this, if not work please open a tickets of trouble on tickets system from Grandstream website, here your engineers will help to fix this trouble gladly

please view below the link

Best regards