Call waiting on grandstream gxp-2000

Hello all I have a minor problem here. I enabled call waiting on some grandstream phones and people complain that when they are on line 1 talking and line 2 rings they hear ringing in the handset and the call gets blocked out and cannot hear the user. Have anyone else had this problem? if so how can this be resolved? Thanks.

my suggestion, get something a bit less buggy and more well developed.

yeah man they are pretty crappy. they sometimes refuse to reboot from the gui!. my next batch is cisco phones.

given that the wiki entries are now so numerous, and are mostly bug reports, i’d stay well clear of them until they can provide a stable and functional firmware. telephony for the target user is too important to be upgrading (and downgrading) firmware with that kind of frequency.

what you think of the linksys wip300 wireless phone. We ordered one of those the other day and a cisco 7905 G are those better?

personally i dont like cisco phones because of the firmware policy. Also I have heard that getting them to configure correctly can be very difficult.

Try SNOM or AAstra phones. They are rock solid, easy to configure via TFTP, and work great with *. Vendors are *-responsive too.