Phones keep rebooting themselves after normal boot


I have a couple of Polycom SoundPoint IP500 phones on a fc15 server with asterisk- and dahdi-2.4.1 that has been working (mostly) fine for quite a while.

All of the sudden, after rebooting one of the phones, it spontaneously reboots itself, typically just after it has completed the normal boot process and shows the main screen.

The second, and only other phone on the system was working fine, until I rebooted it. Now it also just keeps rebooting, until after the third or fourth time when it seems to just power off.

How can I troubleshoot this? Could this be the result of a power surge? I thought it was a possibility, but I thought if it was a power surge, it would have killed the phone completely.

I can’t think of another reason why it would appear to boot properly, then just reboot itself.

Any idea how I can debug this further? Hopefully this is a known issue…


This isn’t an asterisk issue you need to take this with the vendor.

It could be there is a problem with the provisioning of the phones.
This isn’t a direct Asterisk issue.

Was the firmware on those IP500s upgraded by any chance?

Out of desperation I did upgrade the bootrom to 3.2.3. I realize the v1.6 I had on there was probably sufficient. Is that what you’re talking about?