Need guidance on old Polycom phones


I have a few SoundPoint IP500 phones that have been working fine forever, but now both are having problems and I can’t figure out why.

Where can I go for support on these phones?

They are spontaneously rebooting themselves, even after provisioning has completed.

Thanks for any ideas,

Usually Polycom refers you to your reseller. You’ve probably got a bug in your configuration that the phone is barfing on. That’s not something I can help with, sorry.

Is it normal for the phone to format the filesystem every time it boots with the 3.2.3 bootrom?

These are ancient phones that I purchased used years ago, and were probably out of warranty even then.

One of them I’m now almost positive is just dead. Sometimes it reboots within three seconds of booting. Other times it will reboot just as provisioning is completed.

The second one boots completely sometimes, but other times finishes provisioning then immediately reboots when it starts to play the Welcome WAV file.

Sometimes it does complete the provisioning process and works properly, so I don’t think it’s a problem with my config any longer, but I’m not completely sure, ugh.