Parking Issue w/ 2.1.1, and PJSIP

Running DPMA 2.1.1 and D70 firmware and just moved over to pjsip.

I haven’t had to park a call from my own phone for a while but in testing the move to pjsip I’m getting some weird behavior…

With parking_transfer_type = blind
Call comes in and is answered.
Press the ‘Park’ soft key.
The call is parked.
Allison tells me the park extension.
I get an app screen telling me the park extension.
…and it stays there and the line isn’t hung up.

Now I have to exit the app screen AND hang up the call. I don’t remember ever having to do that.
On a non-Digium phone, the call is parked, Allison does her thing and the phone hangs up.

Some setting I’ve missed?

The screen has always shown when doing parking on a DPMA-enabled phone.

Is the park completing properly in Asterisk? I don’t have a problem with the call staying up, the parker doesn’t have any attached calls after pressing the Park softkey.

May be that screen was always there which is fine although a timeout of a 5 seconds would be nice.

Yep, the call is properly parked in Asterisk. Of course, if you’re using the handset, you just hang up but if you’re using a headset or speaker, you have to DIY.

I just looked at the channels list when this happens and the channel to the D70 goes away as it should but the phone just stays on-hook.

Any pjsip or res_parking settings that might be causing this?

Any pjsip or res_parking settings that might be causing this?[/quote]

Dunno, I’m using both, successfully. It seems like I may have seen that in the past, among the many pjsip things we had to clean up, but I can’t recall. I’m not seeing it now and haven’t in a while.