Parking button not showing where call is parked screen anymore

We have never really had this issue, but as of maybe 2-3 weeks ago we had a few systems just stop showing Call Parking screen. This is where you press ‘Park’ on the phone while on an active call and it transfers to the default lot 700 and then shows a screen telling you ’ Your call has been parked at extension 701" before going to the home screen.

This happened across multiple versions of Asterisk 13. (20,22,24) just to name a few. Some phones still have the functionality, some do not, completely random and cant seem to find out why they stop showing this screen.

Anyone else have this happen or know what triggers the screen to tell you that your call has been parked at whatever extension. I want to create multiple parking lots but notice that these custom lots do not ever show this screen, so I would like to be able to re-produce it for a non-default dynamic parking lot.

Asterisk 13, DPMA enabled. Digium D6X phones.

Try the 2_7_3 beta firmware.

This instantly fixed the missing parking screen on my D62. Anything else this changes that I should look out for?

Huzzah. :slight_smile:

Not for non-Switchvox installations, no.

Awesome, well thank you. It appears this was only an issue on Digium D62’s and not the 65’s that we had setup as well, but 2_7_3 beta worked well on the D62.

It should have been an issue for any D6x model (D60, D62, D65) running firmware 2_7_2. shrug

Glad you’re sorted. :slight_smile: