Hello and mtia.

Today we did some initial testing with parking and unparking and all is good.

While reading documentation I saw several warnings about having one lot with multiple clients, which we have, and the possibility of client B picking up client A’s parked calls.

I also read about a multipark feature available in 1.4. I cannot however find good documentation on this. Google queries send me back here to unanswered threads.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

Should be able to just put this in your extensions.conf

;Parked Calls
exten => 701,1,ParkedCall(701)
exten => 701,2,Hangup()
exten => 702,1,ParkedCall(702)
exten => 702,2,Hangup()

You may want to add more then just 702, you can do up to 720 by default…

You will want to edit features.conf to your liking:
parkext => 700 ; What ext. to dial to park
parkpos => 701-720 ; What extensions to park calls on
context => parkedcalls ; Which context parked calls are in
parkingtime => 180 ; Number of seconds a call can be parked for (default is 45 seconds)

Your default probably looks something like this, which should be fine.
If you have someone on your phone, you can hit #700 to park them. It should tell you that the call is parked at 701 then hang you up. All you have to do is dial 701 to pick them back up. Now if someone else parked someone at the same time they would be at 702…

Depends on the phone you have, you may have to hit Transfer key then 700…ive noticed they are all different…

hope this is what you are looking for…?

Hello and thank you, sorry for the late response.

I already have done what you described and have parking working fine. What I am worried about is having.

(Where Client A and Client B are from totally separate organizations using our PBX)
Client A -> Park call at 701
Client B -> Picks Up Client A’s parked call

That is a no no situation, how do I make sure this doesn’t happen.

Thank You In Advance.

read through the options of the Dial command, they are in thier

Please forgive me for being dense, but are you referring to the ‘t’ option and setting a global?


I just reread this thread.

Client B should not be picking up 701. If Client A has parked a call it will be 701. If client B then parks a call it will be 702.

If you are worred about client B still picking up 701 on accident then yea thats a problem.
You need multiple parking lots … ot_Parking

I havent seen anywhere that this is implemented into the newest version of asterisk yet, but it could be. Does anyone on here know more info on this?

Yes thats what I am worried about and I have not found a definitive answer on if it’s available now or when it will be.

The wiki link you provided is about the closet thing I have found to an example, but it still is lacking.

If you do a search for the term multipark on here or google it brings up this thread as the number one hit. Sad to see since it has no conclusion.

I have posted a message to the bugs list as well.


I know this thread is coming up in google searches so I figured an update is good.

I have since moved on to valet parking.

There seems to be renewed interest in the multiparking function. Anxiously awaiting that.

ValetPark is buggy as hell and causes crashes, no MOH etc, way too buggy to work with. On to the next step.

btw I grabbed the latest release of ValetPark and compiled it into 1.4.11 patched with spandsp if that matters at all.

Let me outline one more time the functinality I am looking for, and it is so hard to believe is not available…or I am just looking in the wrong place.

We have virtual pbx’s where we need to be able to:

  1. Park a call at a specific extension(available) for client A in a specific parking lot(not available)

That way we can with dialplan magic separate parking lots between customers/clients.

I will admit whole heartedly I am not an * guru, am I so off base that I am looking too hard not enough? How are people doing this, certainly I am not the only one to need this, is there a third party app I need to buy?



Multiparking now has been introduced in main trunk (1.6).

I have been working on multiparking support for release 1.4 and it’s working fine for me.
If you’re interested have a look at, it includes
a patch for asterisk 1.4.18 and 1.4.20.