Transfer the call picked up after being parked

Good evening.
I’m experiencing the problem with transfers for calls that were picked up after parking via ParkedCall() procedure. I’m using multiple parking lots for parking.

The configs are:

parkedcalltransfers = both   ; Enables or disables DTMF based transfers when picking up a parked call.
                                ; one of: callee, caller, both, no (default is no)
parkedcallreparking = both   ; Enables or disables DTMF based parking when picking up a parked call.
                                ; one of: callee, caller, both, no (default is no)

parkpos => 7000-7999
findslot => next
context => parkinglot_accountname
parkingtime => 3600
parkedcalltransfers = both
parkedcallreparking = both

;blindxfer => *44               ; Blind transfer  (default is #) -- Make sure to set the T and/or t option in the Dial() or Queue() app call!


exten => s,n,Dial(Skype/accountname@callee,30,xwgjrto)
exten => 99,1,Set(CHANNEL(parkinglot)=parkinglot_accountname)
exten => 99,n,ParkAndAnnounce(PARKED,,Skype/accountname@callee)
exten => _7[0-9][0-9][0-9],1,ParkedCall(${EXTEN})

So, the callee parks call via blind transferring caller to extension 99 (#99), where ParkAndAnnounce() is executed for caller. Then, Asterisk redials callee and tells him the extension the call was parked on. After that, callee has to call %accountname% and dial 7XXX to pick up a call from extension. Finally, according to parkinglot configs he must be able to use # to transfer caller again, but this doesn’t actually happen, the # DTMF is not interpreted by Asterisk.

I’ve examined the report on the similar issue, However, the patches are already applied in my Asterisk build (v. and still nothing.

Any help is much appreciated.

The T and t flags from Dial don’t survive parking, as that can result in outsiders getting transfer privileges. I seem to remember that there are options associated with the parking configuration to set the state of these flags for unparked calls.

Yes, these seem to be parkedcallreparking and parkedcalltransfers, which I set according to manual and which must have enabled an ability to retransfer call. However, they just don’t do.

“both” and “T” values for outsiders are set only on dev version to be sure none of the possible variants do work. In release version, I of course turn privileges for outside callers off.