Page() Application does not exist

I am trying to implement paging and when I use the Page application in extensions.conf I get an error that it doesn’t exist:

Aug 3 17:29:41 WARNING[2071]: pbx.c:1613 pbx_extension_helper: No application 'Page' for extension (dist, 888, 1)

Is this a version problem? I have

Asterisk Business Edition ABE-A.2-5, Copyright (C) 1999 - 2006 Digium.

You are using the commercial product. Digium provide separate support channels, presumably manned by their staff, for their commercial products.

My “support” is long expired and besides that I am confused why a commercial version lacks a feature that open source seems to take completely for granted.

Is it politically incorrect to use these forums and a commercial product?

This is the call… incorrect syntax maybe?

The server appears to have MeetMe() functionality which I have read is required for Page()

I believe what you pay for with the commercial version is stability, which means it is a long way behind the open source version. If you asked about an open source version, based on the same code base, you would probably be told to upgrade, as people would have forgotten anything they may have known about the limitations of that version.

However, if this were a recent open source version, you would bring up a console session and enter the command

If that didn’t exist, you would know that it hadn’t been compiled in, or the module was missing. If it does exist, it will tell you the correct form for the parameters.

Thanks, that is what I needed to know. “core” is not a valid command which by itself means I am way behind. “show applications” does not list page().

Can I upgrade to the latest open source version in place or am I looking at a backup / reinstall situation?