Page application problem

Hi everyone, yet again, especially whoiswes!

Running latest asterisk on latest Debian Sarge.

Title says it all, when I use the Page() application, it works… for 5 seconds, all the stations being paged hangup after about 5 seconds. I have another perfectly working Asterisk installation with the same code.

Here is what happens in the log when I page:

-- Playing 'beep' (language 'en') -- Launching MeetMe(365962199d|mqxdw(5)) on SIP/110-081f34a8 -- Created MeetMe conference 1023 for conference '365962199d' -- Launching MeetMe(365962199d|mqxdw(5)) on SIP/245-081f89e8 -- Hungup 'Zap/pseudo-966348423' == Spawn extension (sip-internal, 556, 3) exited non-zero on 'SIP/100-081edf68'

The code that makes the paging is:

exten => 556,1,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info: answer-after=0) exten => 556,2,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: Ring Answer) exten => 556,3,Page(SIP/100&SIP/110&SIP/243&SIP/115&SIP/245&SIP/105) exten => 556,4,Hangup

It’s a bunch of mostly Polycom SoundpointIP 501 phones and Grandstream GXP-2000s. They work perfectly under normal circumstances. BOTH TYPES OF PHONES react in the same way! The problem lies not in the phones but with Asterisk. Any help?

Thanks in advance.

hello to you too, don’t know why i’m so special… :blush:

see here:

you’re not the only one with the issue, apparently.

Helped me out so many times it’s not even funny anymore!

Seems to be a bug in the Asterisk Page application on some setups… mine works perfectly on another system but not on this one.

Thanks whoiswes, this is very depressing though!