Outgoing Calls Through DID's


I got the account details from voip provider as

For the calling voip account
username : abc
password : def
Domain :

for the call back number (DID)
username : xyz
password : lmn
Domain :

In sip.conf
bindaddr =
register => abc:def@123. 45.67.890

host=123.45. 67.890

In extensions.conf
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX, 1,Dial(SIP/ ${EXTEN}@ 123.45.67. 890)

i want to use DID’s & want to make outgoing calls from soft phones.Please let me know in this scenario since i purchased these accounts for making outgoing calls.


I am not real sure what you are asking but it sounds like you have bought DID’s from a provider and now would like to use them? The easiest way is to create a sip user and when that user dials out only have them use that specific DID to do it, then have all calls made in on that DID routed to that extension… If you are not sure how to do that then reading this will help:

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony 2nd Edition (ISBN 0-596-51048-9) — Order yours at tfot.leifmadsen.com

Or maybe if you wanted you can try the asterisk-gui

I hope this helps you, and of course you can use the forums :smile: