N00b conf question-How to DID into a pbx in SIP client mode?


i am runnig into a (maybe simple) prob in our pbx config. We try to extend our Aastra pbx with an Asterisk server for SIP Clients.

Our old fashioned aastra pbx is registred as a SIP client on our Asterisknow server and is reachable on the extension it got. We want to dial into the aastra from SIP clients connected to the Asterisk.


  • Aastra has sip client extension 222 and is configured to receive calls over the asterisk containing did information.

  • Test sip phones registred to the asterisk server have numbers 234 and 235 and are able to call each other and to call 222

  • the aastra pbx does not provide a sip server to us, it runs plain client mode (telco provider sip uplink function on this pbx).

Calls from the local SIP phones (ext. 234, 235 on asterisk) to 222 contain no did information, so they are routed to the default ring group on the aastra pbx.

How do we have to configure the asterisk in order to be able to make calls (lets say to 1XX.) from the sip phones to extensions on the aastra containing the dialed number as did information and the extension of the calling sip phone as cli? Something like a Sip Provider Simulation…

Simply dialing 222-123 did not work… :smile:

OS: Asterisknow 1.5 Beta

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