Outgoing calls generate random caller ID

Hi, I have a problem with any outgoing call I make from my asterisk system, the receiving end gets a random caller ID. It may stay the same for the duration of a few calls and then change to something from different parts of the country and it’s never the one which was assigned to me. I have gone through just about every forum and every search and tried using that configuration for my outgoing call settings but anything I try fails. How ever if I configure my IP phone directly with the settings given to me by my voip provider it appears to work perfectly fine for incoming and outgoing. Also for the incoming calls I sometimes reach someone else’s number when I call my numbers, but most of the time it comes through with no problem (I think this maybe their issue). My voip provider is Voice Eclipse and I think they re-sell starnetusa.net service. Below are my trunk settings…

Outgoing Settings:



Please let me know if you need anymore information.
Thanks in advance.

This is most likely dependent on your ITSP, as they may not be accepting anything you are sending for CLI and instead populating what they want. For example, SkypeOut does this.

I recently established connectivity with Voice Eclipse, too, and have the same problem as the OP. My outbound caller ID seems random. My limited testing looks okay from the inbound side, other than only the number is passed. I expected this.

Have you contacted VE and has your problem been fixed? If so, what was done? I’m looking for some background before I call tech support.

Anyone know if the CID can be spoofed with VE?

BTW: I’m using asterisk@home 2.8