Need help about outgoing caller ID

We are using *server as internal pxb,the outgoing lines are isdn ,which connect with * server through junnhanns card. All our phone nubmers are like this xxxxxxxx45xx.
I have set in sip.conf the caller id parameters for each phone, and in extensions.conf have set “SetCallerID(ourphonenumber)” for each extension. I m in germany , so I set prilocaldial=unknown in zapata.conf.

But the outgoing CallerID is always xxxxxxxx450,how can I deal with it?
it is eargent , pl help if you know something about it,if need more information,just let me know.

Hvae you talked with your provider? some will let you send them CID some will not

thank your reply,it is resolved.
the problem is that I have used the local prefix, after deleting it ,everything is ok