Dial out CallerID and Volume and Call back problems

  1. When I make an outgoing call using call files in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing I set the callerid: “ebridge”<800-342-2342>

But when it dials out, both mine and my gfs cell phone shows no callerid or anything, says either: No Caller ID, or Unavailable, when calling. How can I change this??

  1. Also, when it calls sometimes it will say nothing, but it will seem like its working, and other times it works perfectly, im not changing anything, its all automated, but sometimes it works and sometimes its on mute.

I’m using IAX to exgn.net, no additional hardware, I don’t know why it mutes sometimes (for the complete phone call) and why sometimes it works perfectly

  1. Another problem I’m having is when I hangup on the Asterisk AGI, my phone rings and lets it continue, I think it has something to do with beep stream file, or wait commands, but it will call my cell phone back whenever i hang up. I was wondering how I could fix this. On the verbose mode, it doesn’t show anything about calling me back, it acts like i never hung up at all…

Please help

Awww I was hoping someone could give me advice on at least one of my problems =( =( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

help someone please =( ??

The new problem in addition to those 3 are that when I type in numbers some times it won’t register with Asterisk… during the full phone session. And then it will call back, and then it will work all of a sudden. I’m stumped… the only thing that makes me feel better is that sometimes with other phone companies the same thing happens with their IVR menus.

Please help



to the callfile

(or SET instead of SetVar)

I’m starting to think its not an Asterisk problem, its a Telco problem

exgn has a great sub account feature that allows you to force set your outbound caller id number… i use it for my sip devices as an easy way to set my outbound cid. that would probably fix your issue too