Outbound CID problem with IAX trunk between 2 pbx

Hello people of the forum, I tell you the problem I have:

  • pbx A has a 30-channel sip trunk installed
  • pbx B connected by IAx to central A

Inmates of A can go abroad through the defined exit routes where the Outbound CID corresponding to the line is indicated (there are 100 numbers and 30 simultaneous channels)
Internals of B go abroad through the trunk installed in A but it does not respect the Outbound CID that I define in the exit routes in B and always goes out through the same

Just in case I clarify the following, the SIP frame is from movistar, to select which line you want to use you just have to place the corresponding number in the Outbound Cid of the output route.

Are you using a GUI such as FreePBX to configure this?

hello, yes I am using Issabel PBX

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