I want to change caller ID at Trunk Level

Dear all,

I want to change my Caller id at the trunk level i connect 2 Asterisk PBX to each other via SIP Trunk. if i call from 1 PBX to other PBX using outbound route. Asterisk send my original extension(610) to 2nd PBX. i want to send Trunk Level CID 98+extension (98610) to 2nd PBX. for call back, any one help me to configure dynamic CIDs for Trunk calls.
i want to add 98 as Branch code before extension number during call from 1pbx to 2nd PBX.

without this setting Call back from 2nd exchange is not possible due to Dial Pattern settings we use 90xxx in 1st PBX and 98xxx in 2nd PBX (90 and 98 is our Branch codes)

in Avaya IP Office same option Available in outbound Route we add in CID option (8020E) then System send caller id 8020+Extension (8020610) this number is Shown on 2nd PBX. just like Caller ID Prepend.

To modify the caller ID received from an endpoint (which to me makes more sense here) set CALLERID(num) to the new string, in the context handling calls from that endpoint (neither SIP nor Asterisk have a concept of a trunk).

To modify the caller ID outbound, do the same before the Dial in the extension that dials the endpoint on the remote system.

Concatenating strings is very simple, but here is an example of prefixing 12 to an Asterisk extension number, which can be adapted for the CALLERID. The sample also has examples of reading and setting Caller ID, although not an explicit example of modifying it.

I’m assuming that the unmodified original caller ID is going through OK, at the moment.

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