Set Outbound CID on Extensions

Hi Everyone,

I have asterisk up supporting 3 trunks and about 30 extensions. I have my extensions in 3 pools of 10 users each. Currently, when i pickup the phone, i get dial dial tone and the calls go out using only the phone number of the 1st trunk.

What I am looking to do is:

pool 1=====> phone #1 [no matter what trunk used]
pool 2=====> phone #2 [no matter what trunk used]
pool 3=====> phone #3 [no matter what trunk used]

Simply, i want each extension to have its own static outbound CID. I’ve tried putting in the correct value in the “Outbound CID” in the extensions page. I’m using Asterisk + FreePBX PLEASE HELP!!!

This is really about the GUI, not Asterisk. Asterisk itself will push the caller ID provide by the phone through, subject to any need to use fromuser.

However, responsible service providers will not present any caller ID that they don’t know for certain to belong to you, and cheaper ones may only allow you to present the CLID associated with your account.