Outbound call center - Single E1 PRI, 60 SIP agents

Please answer the following

  1. What configuration machine can do the job for me if I use g.711u on the IP side, i.e. no codec conversion involved?

  2. Will a 100Mbps LAN be sufficient?

  3. What happens if I use gsm on the IP side?

  4. What happens if I want to scale it to 2 PRI and 60 Agents?

Also, I want to record each an every call that is made using the PRI.

I have already gone through the “Asterisk Dimensioning” page on wiki, and am more confused than ever.

Thanx in advance,

To record all channels with 60 agents you will need a minimum of two Asterisk servers, especially if it is outbound predictive dialing.

100Mbps LAN would be just fine for 60 agents

GSM will allow you to have much more than the 30 channels that Ulaw would on a DATA E1 line. You could safely go over 100 channels total on a single Data E1(2048kbps)

2 Data E1s would double your capacity, so 60 Ulaw calls or over 200 GSM calls.

Recording every call will use large amounts of disk space and will be very stressful on your drives and CPU bus. I would recommend only SCSI drives for the long run on those two servers.

Dimensioning depends greatly on how you are using Asterisk that’s why one company’s server can handl 200 SIP extensions, another company doing 10 times the calling can only have 50 SIP extensions per server.