Is asterisk safe for a 60 port, 32 extensions call center?

Hi again,

Here I am rephrasing my previous question to be able to gather some input from you guys,

I am considering to replace a 60 port (2 E1) and 32 analog extensions call center with an Asterisk,

The application get’s peak demand traffic at some times (it is a radio station), so after a radio anouncement it may receive the 60 calls in a few seconds

Am I out of my mind to be considering Asterisk???

Would you do that, if you were me?

I really want to integrate all of asterisk advantages, for example IAX integration with other servers, softphone use, etc.

but need to provide a basic functionality which the current system already has:
for example, call logging, (recording of all calls)
Call monitoring (supervisor listening on some calls)
Ageng Advising (supervisor talking to the agent without the external peer listening)

Any one done this or something similar?

let me know your thoughts anyone

Got this off of the Wiki

[quote=“middletn”]Got this off of the Wiki

(Nov 05) We use boxes for outbound dial setup. I don’t think I’d attempt to go past 4 E1s (120 lines) which would be 5 T1s. If the box is running hard like that the load average will sit around 7 or so, still fair amount of spare CPU but there is no way an Asterisk box will run well with the CPU anything like maxed out. Our site has 250 agents or so and the work is currently spread over 6 servers with 3 E1 PRIs on each. Each box makes around 3000 to 5000 call attempts per hour.

Not sure how a load average of around 7 could be considered a “fair amount of spare CPU”

Thanks, it seems as though 2 E1 may not be a lot for normal operator work on one PC, what about if we do agent monitoring and call recording?

Also would these examples be on external E1 channel bank (active) or with Digium E1 boards (passive), any one knows?