Reccomendation Please

I want to be able to handle at least 20 agents with each server supporting up to 100 lines (T1/PRI). I plan on gettiong (2) servers one for the dialer and one for the appliation/database server. As far as the servers go, could I use 1u rackmount such as a DELL poweredge 750 or HP similar for the dialer? How will the dialer and database server is connected? What 4 port t1 card should I get. What do I ask the phone company to get t1 lines? Can I get them to my house? How much do they normally charge, I’m from orange county/LA area. How is the minute usage? I want to be able to call all states.what do you think of my setup? is it good enough to handle my needs? Again, appreciate any information you can provide or any advice. Thanks in advance.