Do I need a T1

I’m working on an application that will potentially place simultaneous outbound phone calls. I am not sure, at this point, the volume I will be expecting. But, I’m wondering what kind of an Internet connection I’ll need to provide good quality asterisk outbound phone calls. Can someone please help me understand this and recommend something?

Is a 10Mbps home DSL line over an Ethernet Adapter good enough to handle 3 or 4 concurrent calls? My server is a virtual machine so I can expand the RAM, currently it is at 2GB, but I can expand it safely to 4GB. My host server is Windows 7 with an i7 64 bit processor. I assume that cpu, ram, and bandwidth all play a factor in quality?

I propose you use a SIP Trunk and a SIP Trunk provider for making outbound and receiving inbound calls. Each call will take up to 80 kbps in upload/download, so you can eazily calculate how much bandwidth you need.

A server for Asterisk does not has to have good hardware (for 3 - 4 concurrent calls), but it needs to be a Linux server.

Ok, thanks. I’m thinking about using a hosted server. So, I think I’ll be ok, right? Maybe Ubuntu server, 512MB RAM, 16GB hard drive…looks like their vps hosts are all xeon processors. I guess I’ll give that a shot to determine how many concurrent calls I’ll be able to handle with that hardware.