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Hello All,

My name is David and I work for Superior Marketing Solutions LLC in Casselberry, FL. I am the Director of IT and Web Development, but we had another gentleman that was acting as out Hardware/Network Engineer. I have no working knowledge of Asterisk. We have recently changed physical locations for our Asterisk PBX server and it is no longer communicating with neither our Vicidial server nor the remote location agent workstations. We are using Counterpath’s Eyebeam as our softphone. What steps must I take to ensure that our Asterisk server is up and running with proper communication to both our Vicidial server and our remote agent workstations? Please advise us as the more time passes, the more money we lose. We have a new campaign that we are supposed to be starting this week, but without the gentleman that had previously set up everything for us we are dead in the water.

I am really at a loss because Asterisk is something I am completely unfamiliar with and I am unable to find the answers I need with the available online documentation… more than likely because I don’t know the proper questions or terminology for which I need to be searching.

I hope I have provided enough information.

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Hi David,

Most probably when you changed the server physical location you have changed or was supposed to change the IP address of that server. I guess that’s where all the problems have started. Did you move it to another network? Even if it’s still connected to the same ISP it could be using a different IP address. If this is the case you would have had to update the Vicidial and softphones configurations.


We moved the server to a new network.

Must we change the IP within the Asterisk system or will it automatically identify it?

I know how to update the softphones, but how do we update Vicidial to recognize the new IP of the server?

Depends on your particular configuration. You should for sure configure the OS itself for the new network, unless it’s using a dynamic configuration.

Does the server that Asterisk is on work properly, i.e. does the network work, other than Asterisk?

Have a look the file /etc/asterisk/sip.conf for network specific settings.


Greetings David,
Just so to make things clear, are you using any graphical management tools for your Asterisk server, or is it purely by command line ? ( this will better outline the file structure of your server, so we can direct you better about where to look.)


Hello David,

How are you? Greetings of the day!

Follow these basic steps to check whether your Asterisk PBX is up and Running

On the Asterisk server using at either $ or #( if you have logged in as Root) execute the following

$> ifconfig /all — this will list the details of ethernet interfaces attached to the system. You should get the IP address make note of the same.

Similarly get the IP address of VCdial server if it is installed on another machine.

Try executing ping from each other you should get successful response

then check whether your asterisk server is running

$> asterisk -r is the command to open asterisk cli
$> core set debug on ---- this command will display information on the console.

Now hopefully you would be using the Trunk line on which your clients would be calling , make a call and see what the console is displaying.

Try doing this and let us know