Need help with updating Asterix settings

Hi everyone. I would really appreciate it if you could help. My husband passed away suddenly last year and we have not had any phone services since. Thank God for cellphones!

We have account and G729 codec. He installed a PBX server and configured our system… intercom, DISA calling, … the whole thing. Something stopped working and our routers got swapped out. Then the whole PBX was dead. What website or application do i need to use to chnage the IP addresses OR is there any way to find the new addresses using my SIP phones?

I am in Comp Sci field but never was shown how Asterix works. I read “Asterix for dummies” but still don’t feel comfortable to fix my problem. I feel I should be smart enough to “support” our system so I really want to learn! Any advice would be so appreciated.


Do you know the system passwords?

Do you know if it was configured from first principles, or using one of the Asterisk GUIs. In the latter case, there are more appropriate forums. If you don’t know, but you can get basic access, the first few lines of /etc/asterisk/extension.conf may give a clue.

Is this a home system, or a business one?

To be honest, I suspect this is something that is much more easily done hands on, than over a forum. Depending on how much it takes to get it into a state where you can take over, you may need to consider paying for support.

I presume this is a pure SIP system. IP addresses will be in the standard Unix configuration files and in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf, or files included from it. They may also be in a database (there is an option in Asterisk to put much of the configuration into a database).


From what you say, it could be that old system used a different private (internal) address range. The easiest way to get the system working again might be to configure the routers (you say ‘routers’, do you have more than one?) to use the old addresses. If your phones are on the network (they would have to get their addresses by dhcp) then you should be able to see the address of the server they are trying to contact (most SIP phones have a web interface.) If they are not on the network (they have fixed addresses) can you see on the phones themselves what addresses they are using? One way or another though, you will eventually need root access to the Asterisk box.

Sorry for your loss.