Recomendations Appreciated

Hey All,

Apologies if this is not the place to post this, but was not sure where else to ask. Feel free to share a more appropriate place if you know of one.

Our situation, we have 8 staff in the office (all with their own dual screen computers and headset/microphones). We are all networked and connected to the internet BUT only have one landline (PSTN - phone line) into the office.

This line has free calls nationally to landline and mobiles, but with one handset across the office does not make for a very, or comfortable having to hold the handset. We also have two vanity numbers sending calls to this one landline.

What I would LOVE, is to have all incoming calls show up on everyone’s computer until one of us answers (this would make great use of our gaming headset/microphones).

I would also like for our staff to make outgoing calls from this as well (i.e. using their computer to call over the PSTN - as we have free calls).

Love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Thanks in advance

This all can be done with the following tools

  1. Asterisk

2 )Softphones

  1. Digium Analog Card