Openvox A1200P - Dahdi - Asterisk Busy 486 Error

Ok, to summarize what I have so far, I have an Openvox A1200P card installed in a box with Cent 6, Asterisk, Dahdi (came from Openvox site with support for their card already configured, wondering if this might be part of the problem) and FreePBX installed on top for management and for the most part it works. You are able to make outgoing calls, and receive them with one caveat.

The card has 8 FXO daughterboards installed, no FXS boards. There are 6 POTS lines running into it from the local phone company. The lines are all configured as Zap channels in asterisk.

The issue that comes up is that if an incoming call comes in on what ever line is designated as the first in the outgoing call plan, then all people who try to make an outgoing call get a SIP 486 error.

I’ll be posting the asterisk results are from CLI a little later today, but maybe someone has seen this behavior before and can toss a suggestion out.

I suggest contacting your vendor for support. If they’re making money selling you a card for Asterisk, they should be offering you some support to go with it.