Strange behaviour of outgoing DAHDI calls

I am having trouble with a strange behavior of outgoing calls using an OpenVox FXO card. I have Asterisk with DAHDI.

The strange thing with outgoing calls through my analog line is that after I dial the number, instead of passing the call, the system returns the typical phone tone (as if I picked an old analog phone). Then I dial the numbers exactly as it happens when I use a normal analog phone (I hear the typical “beep” when pressing the numbers). The call goes through and works but with a horrible echo.

I’m not sure what kind of information I should provide to help you troubleshoot this issue with me. Any help is appreciated.



I think the best people to troubleshoot the problem are probably OpenVox themselves. As they don’t participate in the Asterisk community, and as they’ve profited on the sale of a commercial product, they should be the ones offering advice on its use and any problems associated with it.


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Thanks for your answer.

This same card used to work before my server died and I had to re-install Asterisk. Unfortunately I lost my old config so I had to start from scratch. It is definitely not an issue with the OpenVox card but with the Asterisk/DAHDI config.

I’d be happy to provide any needed details to help with the troubleshooting.


Run in asterisk cli the following command

dahdi show version

post here the results.

trixbox1CLI> dahdi show version
DAHDI Version: Echo Canceller: MG2

You don’t have compiled OSLEC with Dahdi. You should ask OpenVox for instructions. Check their forums and ask how to install dahdi 2.3.0. with OSLEC enabled. The source package doesn’t include/enables oslec installation so you need to do it manually. Ask for their help, might connect to your box and do it themselfes.