DAHDI no dial out

Hello Asterisk friends,

Two weeks ago I’ve make my first PBX with Asterisk ( and FreePBX. Incoming and outgoing calls with the SIP protocol works perfect and incoming calls with the DAHDI protocal works perfect too. Only outgoing calls with the DAHDI ( protocol does not work, you heard only tuut, tuut, tuut when you call somebody.

With “Asterisk -r” get I the follow error:

-- Starting simple switch on 'DAHDI/3-1' -- Hungup 'DAHDI/3-1'

Ofcourse I’ve search on Google but no results… Below you can found my DAHDI config and I’ve activated the DAHDI compatibility mode.


loadzone = us defaultzone=us fxoks=1,2,3,4

Thanks for helping me!


P.S. Sorry for my poor English