Openvox b100p DAHDI AND Asterisk

Hello all,

it’s my first post here, thanks to all for the quantity of information founds here,

i have a problem,

i’ve installed new computer with Freepbx, and a Openvox B100p BRI Card,

i’ve configured all, and the card is up and running, after configuring the routes (inboud and outbound) I can call inbound from any phone to the PBX via the Openvox card,

but it’s impossible to call outside, pbx always answer that line is busy,

i’ve tried to search in a lot of forum but hasn’t found any solution

i attach debug of the last call tried,

anyone can understand why i always receive error 1, line busy?

thanks in advance


Hangup Cause Mappings 1 = AST_CAUSE_UNALLOCATED Unallocated (unassigned) number … e+Mappings

And remember we dont provide any support to Freepbx in this forum. And you can get support directly from Digium if you are using Digium hardware. Issues with other hardwares, you need to contact the hardaware manufacturer.

Which is a direct translation of:

PRI Span: 1 < Ext: 1 Cause: Unallocated (unassigned) number (1), class = Normal Event (0) ]