Understanding G.729 licencing


I am having trouble understanding G.729 licencing.

So I can install the G.729 codec as explained here :

After install I can use the G.729 codec, right ? But to be ok with licencing, I then need to purchase some licences here : my.synapseglobal.com/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0

Question 1 : After install licence key, I can use G.729 AND I am OK with licencing ??

Question 2 : If I purchase 10 x licence and afterwards I need an extra 5 licences, is that possible ?

Question 3 : My Asterisk system is copied on another VPS-system as backup. Will G.729 licences work on my backup Asterisk system ?

Kind regards.

The code on that site has an invalid copyright licence. It is impossible to licence it.

Basically, the library it uses has a no commercial use condition, but the GPL is void if you try to impose such a condition.

For a legally usable codec, you need to download the software from digium.com/en/products/software/g729-codec

OK clear.

Then how about my Question 2 and question 3 ?

You need to ask them of Digium sales. The open source community has no access to the code that implements the licensing policy.

This may help digium.com/en/company/policies/g729-codec