One question to ask.your answer would be grateful

I’ve a question to ask.
I just want to know the way.we want to creat a dynamic conference room,and make the room automatically call out to the one who is invited to attend the meeting.when the invited member get the phone up,he can automatically take part in the conference.

how to realize my opinion and steps?

your answer would be greatly helpful and grateful.
thanks a lot.

how … if it were my system i would probably write a little PHP to manage this using Manager API calls to originate calls. using dialplan only would be too cumbersome IMO.

the steps … if it’s not something you can do, maybe post a bounty and let the community come up with something for you.

the wiki is going to be your first port of call in either case.

thank you for your help.would it be possible for you to show me some details about PHP file or something? We have written a php script,and creat a table in mysql for the destination,however,the system can not run as we expect.
your details world be thankful.

[quote=“Rick Zhang”]however,the system can not run as we expect.
your details world be thankful.[/quote]
did you look in the wiki ?

would somebody eles provide me some infomation?

you can use meetme with the d or D flags to dynamically create a conference room as needed.
to invite a user, i think the easiest way would be with a .call file. a call file placed in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing will immediately make asterisk dial out and do something with the resulting call (ie place it in the meetme room).
I would suggest look into an AGI script which will create the conference, then create the call file…