Dynamic conference room setup online?

I think I may be in over my head on this one. I setup an asterisk server at work for a side project but now some of the features they want im not sure how to do (if its possible)

Im just looking for someone to maybe point me in the right direction to some documentation.

They want a website where people can go on it, and enter their work email and time they want to hold a conference, then have asterisk randomly generate a conference room and # for the time slot and email the room # and time to the user.

they then want other people to be able to login to a site and enter the main users email and conference number (that they have been told for their conference call) and if those variables are correct, they can enter their own phone number and when it is time for the conference to start it will call and invite all schedules users to the conference.

Im far from a programming master but I want to give this my best shot anyway, and im not sure where to start. Im hoping maybe someone somewhere has built a system like this that I can modify or get some really helpful documentation for me to build it myself.

Any help much appreciated, and I will gladly share this with everyone if its something I end up having to build myself.

I think this would cover a part of your needs: