I am looking for a way to dynamically make a new MeetMe conferenceroom.

Is there any way to get asterisk to get the information about avaliable rooms from a mysql db and not the config file?

The conference room must be created ondemand from a php script. Can anyone point me in a direction of a tutorial or an exampel of doing this?

Kind regards

I think you could write a php AGI script and should be able to use an AGI command “exec” which can execute any asterisk application, including MeetMe. Thus you will be able to initiate a conference room from an AGI php script. AGI script is called from the dial plan (extensions.conf)

Check the page on AGI scripting:

you will find a “exec” command there.

You also could check the page on MeetMe application itself:

There is an option ‘b’ for this application, which is “run AGI script specified in ${MEETME_AGI_BACKGROUND}”. You might research on that too.

You also should be able to set up a static configuration in MySQL for meetme.conf, but it is static. You can set static database configurations almost for all asterisk configuration files, like configurations in extconfig.conf:

extensions => odbc,mysql1,extensions_table
sippeers => odbc,mysql1,sip_buddies
voicemail => odbc,mysql1,voicemail_users
iaxfriends => odbc,mysql1,iax_buddies
queues => odbc,mysql1,queue_table
queue_members => odbc,mysql1,queue_member_table

    meetme.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    features.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    agents.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    enum.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    iaxprov.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    manager.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    mgcp.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    musiconhold.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    ;Use queues in realtime now
  ;queues.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    skinny.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config
    zapata.conf => odbc,mysql1,ast_config

You might google more in these directions and if you have problems, ask people, may be somebody will be able to help.

vovan moldovan