Old fashion to Call Debug

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A years ago, in asterisk 14, as example, when you try to make a call (iax, sip, watheaver), always appear on console the log the information:

calling number blablablablabla, etc

and you have a clear error message like:

unable to call to number blablablablabla: extension not found, etc.

I believe that on asterisk 16 or 18+, these behavior has vanished. Now I try to make a iax call, for example, and nothing appears on console, even if I run
core set debug 99
core set verbose 99

How I can return the “old fashion way” of asterisk to relate errors? Honestly, the old way is more productive to debug problems

The configuration file responsible for controlling any topics related to logs and console log information is located at https://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/trunk/configs/samples/logger.conf.

To see if this adjustment could make a difference, consider adding the following line to the console fire and verifying its impact:


@ambiorixg12 linking to Github instead is better, as SVN hasn’t been used/updated/touched in years upon years and will go away soon

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Thanks for your help but I already have tryed to do that and does not have any effect.

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