Error codes

Hi i am new to this forum and my doubt is that how to get the error codes in asterisk when the call gets failed.since my client asks for the failed reasons of the calls after they get failed.can you help me out in this and the asterisk version which i am using right now is 1.2.8 and also help me out which version is apt for this process.

you need to enable logging for this purpose

edit the file logger.conf


full => notice,warning,error,verbose

then connect to asterisk
and type: logger reload

this wil create a file in var/log/asterisk called full this contains all information like you see in the asterisk cli

you will need to ask you client to give you some information when a call fails like time and extension

you can then check the file for the problem

it can be a bit messy when you have lots of concurrent call to find al lines