Console output?


I used asterisk 1.4 - and on the console i had always output of executed dialplan.
So - when somebody called i saw what exaclty has happend on the console.
No - i moved to asterisk 1.2 and i do not see anything when somebody calls.
I have
console => debug,notice,warning,error,verbose in logger.conf.
What else should i do ?


try removing verbose

console => debug,notice,warning,error
is default.
With this - no info is displayed on the console while calling.
(no difference if i add verbose or not)

i found that
console => notice,warning,error
and setting: set verbose 10 in console gives me appriopriate level of logging.
But - is there any possibility to define it in file ?
I do not want to type in the console all the time:
‘set verbose 1’


you can set this is /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf e.g.[options] verbose = 10

[quote=“baconbuttie”]you can set this is /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf e.g.[options] verbose = 10[/quote]

Kewl now that was one thing i didn’t know, there you go you just helped someone else out LOL :wink: