Asterisk stopped writing info about the calls

Hi guys!

A few weeks ago we did some testing with CLI commands. Turning on/off logs for audiohook.c, pbx.c, pbx_variables.c.
We deleted cli.conf we the settings. A few of them were set debug 0 for audiohook.c, pbx.c, pbx_variables.c.

Right now i have found that we dont have any info about the calls in our ‘full’ log file. I started reverting changes what we did with asterisk during these weeks in order to understand what caused this behavior and found that it seems that somehow asterisk saved those settings, i restarted asterisk many times but it still has these settings. When i enter asterisk console i see that general debug level is 4. Thats ok, but when i type: ‘set debug 4 pbx.c’ it says that the value was 0 and its set to 4. I have added cli.conf(where i set debug level to 4) and now i see info about the calls.
But i am curious where does asterisk store that information and how can i see what does it have there and delete?

Some helpful Asterisk CLI commands you might try are logger show channels and core show settings.

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