Office 365 Exchange UM Integration

Anybody running an Asterisk/Freepbx setup that uses a Mediant 1000 SIP gateway to connect and utilize O365 Exchange UM features for VM?

Currently run an Avaya S8300 VoIP system, and we have configured and integrated to our O365 cloud Exchange UM tenant and it provides voicemail functions.

Basically phones sytem routes via SIP through the Mediant 1000 SIP gateway and Microsoft has supported this for awhile, works really well. Caller gets directed to the UM and can leave voicemail, or user’s dial the pilot to access theiri VM via phone/greetings etc if needed as well.

Faxing we use a 3rd party integrated Faxcore appliance. Probably whatever is built into the open source pbx is fine.

Would like to keep this setup since there are many features/benefits to using the native UM integration with Outlook particularly managing VM from the web interface, and of course the inline voice form/listening in Outlook it has.

Instead of some mp3 attachment showing up in your inbox from the pbx like many other systems/most systems end up utilizing.