Newbie help W/APBX as VOIP system only (I searched)

I have built many corporate netowkrs and servers for 18+ years, now I have an I.T. consulting business and now have 4 engineers working part time. Cell ohone jugglin is getting crazy.

I want to install a PBX (like Askterisk) that allows me to get a set of VOIP lines (3+) and then use them with 3rd party phones in house, but have all incomoin galls go through asterissk and all “follow me number” functions use the voip lines as outgoing too.

Hmm i think im being confusing.

Imagine i have 3 -5 phone lines.
All going to a PBX, this PBX has a call routing announcement in it, and one function is a “find me” number service.

So a customer calls in for an engineer, the engineer has programmed the PBX with all numbers to try him at and the customer is on hold while the engineer is located.

the customer is required to record a name and its played for the engineer to let him know whos calling, he can choose to answer or not.

…but this and all office telephony happens over VOIP.

In house i can use a USB to phone adapter or some other card to drive intertel ohones or cisco phones or something.

I am interested in the VMWARE asterisk appliance offerec at VMWARE.COM.

who can help me through this first few steps?