Asterisk as Voicemail Only System?

Our current 8 line voicemail system is about 10 years old and having several failures a week. We are looking to replace it and have a very limited budget. Asterisk seems like it would be a great voicemail solution, but I would love to incorporate it into our existing voip structure so we can avoid buying the 8 port analog cards for the server.

Can I incorporate Asterisk into our existing Avaya VOIP system? Basically I would like Asterisk to have several extensions on our current VOIP system so we could route voicemail traffic to those extensions.

I have a dual processor 2.4ghz Xeon server that I am going test this setup on. From what I have seen about Asterisk setups it seems like that would be enough to handle 8 simultaneous voicemail session. What do you think?


PS I have not worked at all with our VOIP equipment, hopefully this is pretty straight forward. I am familiar with the PBX and existing Octel voicemail system. Appreciate any help!

Don’t know much about Avaya but if it uses the SIP protocol should be possible to integrate it with Asterisk without additional hardware.

I think it’s enough for many more simultaneos connections :smile:


Marco Bruni

What Avaya system are you using? That is the key question. If it is the IP Office I am not sure, how the voicemail and pbx talk to each other, if it is a Partner/Legend/Magix then yes no problem, I have even set a couple systems up to work on them with no issues. There is a wiki page on it. Definity systems I am not sure with, depending on the version of the system it should be possible. Newer systems I have not read alot about, S8XXX series, I work on them alot but we use the avaya voicemails for them.
If you have a current voicemail system that is 10 years old then yes you can do it. You can check out the wiki and there may be info on it, otherwise get to know NoOp() and just pump the different calls from the avaya to asterisk and write down what dtmf avaya is sending you. Then write the appropriate dialplan to handle those calls. Pretty much turn asterisk into a digit grabber to find out what codes it sends like a call forwarded to voicemail, an extension calling in to check voicemail…and so on and so on

Thanks for the information. I am working with our telephony technician today to understand the VOIP setup we are currently using. I appreciate your help. More than anything i just wanted to confirm that my expectations do not sound unreasonable.