Unified Messaging

I have setup Asterisk to connect to my Exchange 2010 UM server, and have a problem with routing to correct places.

PBX in a Flash Version =
FreePBX Version = 2.9.0rc1.5
Running Asterisk Version = Asterisk

I can dial various extension on the Asterisk box, and get to the Exchange Unified Messaging auto-attendant. From there, I can log into my voicemail, or search for user names, and leave them a message. What I WANT, is to be able to forward unanswered calls on the Asterisk box to VM accounts on the UM server.

There are a few hits on google for this, but any attempts I make seem to end up at the auto-attendant. So effectively, callers attempt to reach me via Asterisk, I am unavailable, and have to repeat the process of locating the correct VM box on the Exchange server.

It seems I am passing incorrect information to the Exchange server, or something like that, but I have reached the limit of trial-and-error…

Has anyone integrated this fully/properly?
Any advice on how can I forward calls to the correct place automatically?



simple propose
why dont u make this using IVR? i believe it should work

You need to override the FreePBX macro-vm. See excaliburtech.net/archives/130