Not able to dial using asterisk


I have got softphone xlite installed in my machines. I did the following changes in the sip.conf file as given in the book

qualify=yes ; Qualify peer is no more than 2000 ms away
nat=yes ; Sitting on office firewall suporting natting
host=dynamic ; This device registers with us
canreinvite=no ; Asterisk by default tries to redirect
context=internal ; the internal context controls what we can do

in the extensions.conf to call to a different channel in the softphone i added the following lines

exten => 100,1,Dial(SIP/Arjun)
exten => 611,1,Echo( )

as given in the Astresik the future of internet telephony i configured the xlite phone also changing the IP address to my systems IP and the user name to my name.
Still i am unable to make call to the other 2 free channels on the xlite phone. Should we be having a SIP Server running in our machine? or should i run it in a seperate system. I am trying to call the other 2 free channels on the xlite machine. It is not registering the Number.

This i am doing on an IP only configuration and once i am able to configure things on this and learn the various aspects in asterisk i will proceed in configuring the hardwares and channels.

Or is there any other minimum hardware or software requirement i need cause in the book it is not explained much than this.

Please help me out…


HI Arjun,
R u able to register with your username[Arjun/Welcome] on Xlite phone.
When u r trying to register with Asterisk pbx what is the error u r getting.
Can you post your asteirk cli output so that I can analyze and try to help you.


Thank you suresh for the concern.
when i login as Arjun with the password welcome the xlite shows Awaiting proxy information.
when i right click on the screen it says registering. It is not getting registerd.

In sip configurations change secret=Welcome to numeric lik 1945 . If it is not registering give me a message.

my mail id is :

Hey suresh ,

Thanks a lot. I got the problem out. I had to enable nating since i am working in an office LAN. Thanks a lot Suresh . I hope i can get to you if i have any problems with asterisk again

Regards Arjun