Nortel CS1000 and Asterisk H.323<->sip

has anyone gotten Asterisk with ooh323 to work with Meridiad CS1000? we have ooh323 installed on Asterisk 1.2.7 can make calls from netmeeting to a sip extension. we can make calls from sjphone using h.323 to a sip extention with great voice quality. now we need to configure * with an H323 trunk from the CS1000 and route through * to sip extensions. basically we are back ending the CS1000. we have been working of making this work for over a week now and any help is appreciated.

I have never been able to get H.323 working with CS1000. That is unless you use a device that Nortel has ‘certified’ as compatible.

When I talked to an engineer there (Nortel) about doing SIP inter-op (I gave up on H.323) he said that Nortel keeps a very tight reign on what third party devices it allows to register. In SIP, the CS server will only allow a device to register if they recognise the user agent string provided during registration and those strings are hard coded into their firmware. When Nortel ‘certifies’ a device the user agent string is added to the list and a new patch is rolled out to allow that device to register.

What you might want to consider is using a VoIP gateway between * and the CS. I use (currently work for Intel as a day job) the PIMG (Intel Netstructure PBX-IP Media gateway) and was able to get a SIP application making outbound calls through the Nortel in under a half hour doing it that way. The PIMG talks to the PBX as a set (8) of digital station ports. It takes the SIP call in on the IP side and makes a call on the TDM side. Works great and solves any potential inter-op issues you might have. As long as your CS system allows the connections of M2616 stations (using the NT8D02xx series of line cards) the you are all set. We have an analog model too if you need to go that route.

Let me know if you need more info.