Noob question on use of Asterix to solve a problem

I have a problem at my company in the UK where 99% of our customers are in the USA. Because the USA relies heavily on caller ID people tend not to answer our calls. They are being made from a BT landline and likely show up in the US as an Unknown number on the caller ID display.

Is Asterix the answer to my problem providing I can configure the system?

Basically I want to set up Asterix with a caller ID number of my Skype In account. My Skype in is a USA number (curently skype does not support caller ID on skype out for the USA). This means that I will call using my landline to the USA and the caller ID will show on the USA number as my USA skype in number.

Any direction in getting this started or even if it is possible using Asterix would be much appreciated.



You can avail the services of an IP PABX provider like Glocomm. THe website is not fully completed and not many information can be found. Send an email to and they can surely give you a solution. They can provide US DIDs and can be your Caller ID when making a call from your asterisk extension.

VoipJet allows you to set your callerid and they offer good quality and prices. I use them to call the U.S. from Europe and set my callerid as my U.S. DID.

VoipJet’s low end server is a bit unstable so you’d probably have better luck using the production server.