Help with setting up International calling and dialing

Hey everyone, I am pretty new at this Asterisk thing. I use Skype to make frequent International calls to France, and it gets expensive after a while. I would use a service such as Vonage which offers free calls to landline phones in france, but I am mainly dialing out to a French cell phone. My question for some smart genius out there: Is it possible to set up Asterisk up, purchase a VoIP digital voice switch, and be able to place free International calls? I have a French Skype in number as well. If this works, I would also like to be able to have my calls forwarded to my cell phone for free.

if you can get a sip or iax2 account of a France voip provider with a france number you can dial for local costs where ever you are on the globe as long as you have a proper internet connection. Maybe you can get a france number by voibuster, gizmo or any other voip provider.

Finding a provider who is willing to forward calls to your mobile phone for free will be hard to find I’m afraid. Mobile phone traffic is still the cash cow of telecom.

btw: this use of regular number plan numbers might not be in line with the law

Thanks : ) I think that I understand for the most part. So far I was able to set up a couple extensions on my network using Asterisk. I have a couple computers in which both have softphones installed. I can easily dial to one or the other. Now, with dialing in and out to landlines is where I am stuck. I believe that I have to add an IAX2 Trunk (which I don’t really know what it is) and then use a free FWD IAX. I used and got a number. Now, I am very confused on what to do after that. Something about forwarding my internal extention to a Trunk, in which the Trunk uses the IAX and dials out? I know I have something wrong. Thanks :smile: