Call Center setup

Hi Everyone,

We are going to setup a small call center with 15 agents for couple of countries.

lets say we are at country A and our users would be calling from country B C D

What is the best to utilise Asterisk?

I am thinking to purchase Switchvox and Install it at Country A as the IVR and country B C and D using local telco IDD call forward. The problem with this setup is super high cost on the IDD call forwarding if the volume is high.

May i know what is the good approach for this? We are hoping to have a clear voice and at the same time same some money.

Thanks Much!

Have you tried asterisk Queues and Agent login? they are the solution to your problem.

my main concern is expensive call forwarding to Country A and or poor internet quality.

I googled and found this company

Anyone uses them before?

Why if you connect the sites via VPN tunnels and interconnect the Asterisk boxes via SIP Trunks. This way you would get free calls between the PBX-es.