Nobody picked up in 7000ms - but it only did ring for 3 sec

Hi all,

i am working for a callcenter using asterisk on a quite busy machine doing around 80 concurent queue calls with around 70 agents on peak. The machine is still version 1.2.4 - there was no real need for an update until yet.

Now i found a really weird thing in the logs - an agent does get a call - it rings - call does get transfered to the next agent…

So i grabbed the logs and found the following:

[code]Jul 17 08:46:17 VERBOSE[16422] logger.c: – Called IAX2/3075
Jul 17 08:46:18 VERBOSE[4067] logger.c: – Call accepted by (format ulaw)
Jul 17 08:46:18 VERBOSE[4067] logger.c: – Format for call is ulaw
Jul 17 08:46:18 VERBOSE[16422] logger.c: – IAX2/3075-46 is ringing

Jul 17 08:46:21 VERBOSE[16422] logger.c: – Nobody picked up in 7000 ms
Jul 17 08:46:21 DEBUG[16422] chan_iax2.c: We’re hanging up IAX2/3075-46 now…
Jul 17 08:46:21 VERBOSE[16422] logger.c: – Hungup ‘IAX2/3075-46’[/code]

As you can see - the agent did get the call - and after 3 seconds asterisk decided that 7000ms are now over - and did moved the call on to the next agent…

Why does asterisk do calculate the time so completly wrong here ?

Is this a known bug ?

Any help would be great…



Any chance of seeing the relevent sections of queue.conf extensions.conf etc
Or even a fuller cli output would help to see whats meant to happen and whats happening.