Queues - Agent extension short ring

Anybody experienced the following with Agents and queues? I am watching the Asterisk console window and can see the queue calling the specific agent extension. It rings the extension once or twice and then stops. I see on the console that it almost immediately comes back with “Nobody piked up in 15000ms” and then it rings the agent again. This loop continues until the agent logs out and back in again.

Any ideas what can be causing this?

I know this is an old thread but I’m having a similar issue.

I’m using Asterisk@Home 1.5 on two machines. One works fine but the other is having some queue issues. Even though I have the Agent Timeout set to 30 seconds, each extension only gets 1 ring and then it shuffles the person back into the queue. I tried removing people and then sticking them back in but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

EDIT: Half the time the extensions don’t ring at all, people just sit in there forever.

But I have this problem as well.
Call comes into a queue from IVR, hits an agent and rings for roughly half of a ring and moves to the next desk.