Nobody picked up in 30000 ms

Hi all,

I’m quite new to Asterisk@Home. While making a call to the destination, if nobody picks up the call, I will receive this messages :

-- OH323/L29898 is ringing
-- Nobody picked up in 30000 ms
-- Hungup 'OH323/L29898'

All being done automatically by the Asterisk. May I know is there any way to prolong the “No Pick Up” Time ? In other words, I don’t want Asterisk to hang up the call after nobody picks up for 30 seconds, but instead 60 seconds. How can I do that ?

Hope someone can help me in this.


Extensions, Dialplan, Context for outgoing calls, timeoutparameter is either

a) set in general section of extensions.conf
b) in the dialstring like

exten=> _9X.,1,dial(zap/g1/NUMBER,30,…)

The “30” is the timeout.

Dear Richard,

I got it. Appreciate your help.