No UNREACHABLE or Lagged events logged

Since 13.14.0 we no longer receive UNREACHABLE or Lagged message.
We do still receive Reachable and Registered (just not unreachable or lagged).

The following is set:

  • qualify=8000
  • qualifyfreq=50000

We know devices are going unreachable, as they show as unknown in sip show peers.
There is just no logging on these two events.

NOTICE logging is enabled, as confirmed by receiving the Reachable and Registered events.

Any suggestions?

Have you try to use qualify=yes, If yes the default timeout is used, 2 seconds.

Yes, setting was originally qualify=yes

We increased a couple of times, as devices were going unknown
(but we could not see any unreachable or lagged message to even know about the timeout).

Some insight…

It appears that when using Asterisk with an SBC, we do not receive any lagged or unreachable messages.
However, devices connected direct to Asterisk (in both cases from external networks) show both lagged and unreachable.

Further to this, we find that many devices are showing in Asterisk as Unknown, yet the SBC has them active/registered.

Is it the fact that the all traffic from the SBC comes from one IP and Asterisk is getting confused?
Is is that you can not use qualify with an SBC (I could not find anything stating not to)?

There is not enough information or detail to answer your question or explain what is going on. You would need to provide configuration information, console output (with SIP logging on), and a description of the setup. Qualify itself doesn’t care about whether something is an SBC or anything else - it sends a SIP OPTIONS request out and if it gets a response then it is happy.